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The Berkeley Center is offering a one-time Practicum in Berkeley open to all Rosen students, interns, or practitioners on Monday, April 22nd from 4 - 7 pm.
This is a chance to trade sessions with another Rosen student or practitioner in a supervised setting, with Charity Martin and Sara Webb as supervisors. The exchange will be followed by sharing in the group.
The location is the Shambhala Center in Berkeley at 2288 Fulton, Suite 203.
We will need half the participants to come with a massage table so everyone can work. The cost is $25, to help defray the space rental and chip in something for the supervisors.You can sign up on the website or you can send $25 via Zelle or Paypal to
If you plan to participate, pleased rsvp to to let us know, and tell us whether you can bring a table.
Please bring sheets as well.
This is a rare chance to see old friends and get to know new Rosen people in the East Bay, and to practice the gentle and perceptive art of Rosen Method! Students, interns and practitioners are all welcome.
We are excited to see you and wish you a Happy Spring!
Sara Webb and Charity Martin


Rosen Method Bodywork Practicum

  • April 22nd, 2024

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