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Offered by Rosen Method and the Berkeley Center. Taught by Senior Training Teacher Karen Peters and Certified Training Teacher Madeline Martin.


Fee:  $790 before October 7, 2024; $820 after October 7, 2024.

Scholarships Available

Reviewer's fee: $475; Reviewer's fee can be sent to the PayPal account.

For first-time participants, an application process is required: APPLY HERE


The essence of Rosen Method is to encourage freedom of movement by gently and playfully inviting you to move your body with more ease and pleasure. Rosen Movement supports your natural structure and awakens the experience of vitality and joy from within. This modality is deeply restorative, cultivates body awareness, and reconnects you with your deeper self and with others. Each day will include movement classes, sharing circles, living anatomy, partner work, and lots of other inspired/inspiring learning opportunities.


This immersion comprises a component of our training program, and is open to participants looking for personal growth and those seeking to become Rosen Method movement teachers. 


Offered by Rosen Method and the Berkeley Center Movement Faculty: Karen Peters and Madeline Martin.



In Person Movement Intensive, October 22-26, 2024

  • Karen Peters and Madeline Martin

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