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In these two days we will come to know our anatomy with all its connections, which give us both support and mobility.

How would it feel to experience your center from the inside out?

Peel back the layers of knowing through anatomy, palpation, movement, bodywork, and sharing.


This course will be taught by Theresa Garcia & Jane Pittsinger.


Jane came to the Rosen Method through Physical Therapy which she originally studied in the UK and has, over the last 50 years lived, taught and practiced this profession in several different countries.  She has had the opportunity to learn ‘Rosen’ from the original teachers, including Marion.  She loves being able to use her hands and knowledge of living anatomy to listen deeply into the body and connect with the unique vitality and being of each individual. 


Theresa Garcia is a Senior Movement and Bodywork Training Teacher and head of the Movement Training Program. She has a private Rosen Bodywork practice in San Francisco and teaches weekly movement classes in the Bay Area.  She is a student of the Alexander Technique and is delighted to invite others to rediscover their inner essence through movement and touch. These two teachers have deep roots in their shared understanding of this transformative work.


You can take both weekends for $660, second weekend is November 2-3.

A Cheryl Reed Scholarship of 1/3 of tuition is available to anyone upon request.


Deadline for early registration May 8th, $50 late fee after that.


Covid protocols: We will be following pandemic guidelines for in-person trainings: students no longer need to be vaccinated, wearing masks will be at the discretion of teachers and who you are working with, hand washing and social distancing when possible.  We will give further guidelines to class participants if needed regarding protocol for safety measures when distancing is not possible for the practice of Rosen Method.



Experiential Anatomy - First Weekend, June 8-9, 2024

  • June 8-9th, 2024

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