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Monthly Tuesday Evening Zoom Gathering for all

Online:  Tuesday, September 10th , 7-8:30 pm PT

Fee:  $25

Facilitators:  Karen Peters, Jane Pittsinger, and Bill Samsel


Going Below the Surface…. to find nourishment, aliveness, and connection


What can we awaken within ourselves to help us through these times of challenge and change?  These monthly gatherings (every second Tuesday) are in invitation to slow down, share feelings, and refresh the kindred spirit within each of us.  


We will explore gentle movement, touch, and deep listening to find what sustains and connects us.  These means are available to us at every moment; they are simple in substance and profoundly nourishing.


Bill, Jane, and Karen, through their years of experience, have developed a trust that felt-connection unites us with one another and with what truly matters in life.


These Zoom meetings have become a treasured touchstone for those in the Rosen community, and are also entirely appropriate and welcoming for newcomers as well.


Come and join us!

Going Below the Surface Online Gathering September 10th

  • Karen Peters, Jane Pittsinger, and Bill Samsel

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