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Director of Movement Training, Senior Teacher Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement Training

Theresa Garcia has led the creative and collaborative Movement Training teaching team since 2010. She has a private bodywork practice in San Francisco and teaches weekly movement classes. 

Prior to coming to Rosen Method, Theresa worked in the corporate world for 18 years in various information systems capacities; she majored in dance, achieved a BA in Mathematics, and did MBA coursework in International Business. In 1995 she left her job to spend more time with her young daughter and to find more soul-satisfying work. As an accident of fate, she had a Rosen Method bodywork session early in 1996 and went on to enter the training at the Berkeley Center. She has taught Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement training courses internationally. She is also the Director of Teaching for Veredas, Rosen School in Mexico.

Theresa has been a student of the Alexander Technique since 2001; her  work is informed by the AT and her passion for anatomy, approaching the anatomical systems of the body experientially. She shares her contagious delight and awe in the exploration, the vulnerability, the journeying into the unknown and unconscious available through the body, with Rosen Method’s elegantly simple touch and movement.

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