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Certified Teacher Rosen Method Bodywork, Movement Teacher and Experiential Anatomy Teacher

Jane has a private bodywork practice in Pacifica, where she also teaches a weekly Movement class.

Jane came to the Rosen Method through physical therapy which she originally studied in the U.K. Over the last 50 years she has lived in several different countries, including Colombia and Guatemala, where she learned Spanish. She has practiced and taught physical therapy in these countries. Her life-long dedication and desire to understand how people heal physically and emotionally, how they can become who they really are in the fullest way, brought her to the discovery of the Rosen Method soon after she came to live in CA in the mid 1980s. She has had the opportunity to learn ‘Rosen’ from the original teachers, including Marion. She loves being able to use her hands and knowledge of living anatomy to listen deeply to the body and connect with the unique vitality and being of each individual. Through Rosen movement she witnesses how ‘held-back’ possibilities become real abilities. The endless search for truth enabled by the Rosen Method keeps her deeply engaged.

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