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Director of Teaching, Co-founder, Senior Teacher Rosen Method Bodywork

Prior to concentrating her career in Rosen Method bodywork,  Gloria, MFA Dance/Dance Therapy, worked with dance therapy, Breyer Subtle Energy Work and meditation in clinical settings. In 1976, Gloria began her association with Marion Rosen as Marion’s client, eventually becoming her student, co-teacher, close collaborator and friend. Having taught extensively locally and internationally for 40 years, she continues to enjoy teaching and private practice.  Gloria has been Director of Teaching for the Berkeley Center since 1988. Formerly Director of Teaching for training programs in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Australia and the United Kingdom, she became an active contributor to the early development and growth of Rosen Method in six countries.  Such opportunities gave her a deep appreciation of Rosen Method’s broad relevance to people of diverse background and interests.  Adapting to multicultural needs has enhanced her ability to articulate Rosen Method and be creative in its presentation.  She brings evident joy to her engagement with the work.

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