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Certified Teacher Rosen Method Bodywork

Elyze is drawn to Rosen Method  by its qualities of heartfelt presence, listening hands and open curiosity. She has been a Bodyworker since 1980 and a Rosen Method practitioner since 1989. She has continued to train with Marion Rosen and other Rosen teachers for many years. Elyze has an extensive background in the study of anatomy and many other modalities of touch, spirituality and healing. She finds that Rosen Method provides a unique way of making contact and exploring what has been held below consciousness, allowing new possibilities for aliveness and authenticity to emerge.

Her sincerity, caring and playful laughter are some of the qualities she brings to her teaching. She enjoys working with people and helping them have a more meaningful connection with themselves and others. She finds Rosen Method bodywork deeply rewarding.

Elyze maintains a thriving private practice in San Francisco.

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