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Marion Rosen


In the 1930s, Marion Rosen (1914 - 2012) studied breath and relaxation in Munich, Germany, with Lucy Heyer, who was influenced by Elsa Gindler, a renowned innovator of body therapies. Heyer worked with her husband, Dr. Gustav Heyer, a colleague and former student of Carl Jung. Lucy and Marion did bodywork on patients who then saw Dr. Heyer for psychotherapy. The Heyers found that with the bodywork, the patients could experience their emotions more easily.

Because of her Jewish origins, Marion had to flee Germany at the beginning of W.W.II. She came to America in 1940 and settled in Berkeley, California. For many years she worked as a physical therapist, first at Kaiser Medical Center and then in private practice.

Rosen Method developed over the years that Marion practiced physical therapy. Marion observed that clients who talked about their lives recovered more quickly and did not come back again with the same problems. She watched for the interconnections between the physical posture and the emotional state of the person, and noticed how the body is a living metaphor of a person's inner state.

In the mid-seventies Marion began to teach and draw more specifically on her early training in relaxation and bodywork. As the body/mind renaissance flourished in California, students were drawn to Marion and her gentle, powerful work. Eventually, the Rosen Institute was formed and Rosen Method training centers were established in many countries around the world. Rosen Method is now a recognized modality for somatic exploration and personal growth, as well as a powerful complementary healing therapy.

Marion's purpose is to realize a vision of health and well-being by making the benefits of the Rosen Method widely available to the general public. Through her unique approach to bodywork and movement, she has gained recognition as a leader and originator in the field of body-oriented therapies.

Marion passed away and left us with the gift of Rosen Method on January 18, 2012. The legacy of Marion Rosen's lifetime's work has planted seeds for the future. Her enduring gift to humanity lives on through many hands, the simple touch of which unravels the mystery waiting to come alive in each of us.


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To watch the video and listen to all five parts of the Rosen Method interview with Marion, click the link to the CHI site and scroll all the way down on the Conscious Health Institute website.